Standing On the Beach: A Meditation Exercise

A Meditation Exercise

sunset beach

Close your eyes, and imagine a scene for a moment.

You are on a beach. It is nearly sunset. Yousee the crimson and orange sky reflecting in the purples and golds of the ocean. The waves pull over the white sand as if the shores mother were pulling a soft blue sheet up and tucking it in.


You approach the lapping waves. You remove your shoes, and walk into the water. The water is cold, yet calm. You hear the fizz of sea foam as your legs are bathed in the cool ocean surf. You walk out deeper, until the water rests around your waist, rising to your navel as the waves approach the shore, and dropping to your hips as it recedes. Your feet slowly sink into the coarse, white sand beneath you.

As you watch your feet sink slowly into the sand, you see the waves have brought you a perfect oyster shell. It rocks softly between your feet.  Curious, you reach your hands into the chilly water, submerging nearly your whole self into the waves until your hand grasps the shell. You lift it up. As you turn it over, you see inside the shell is a perfectly round, small blue pearl. You remove the pearl and hold it cupped between both your hands. It glistens slightly as the sun finally is lost behind the waves. You now stand in the dark, the sound of the water the only sense you can detect.

The stars slowly come out, and reflect in the water. It looks like you’re standing amongst the stars, floating out in space. In your hand you can make out the blue pearl. You realize now it has streaks of green, dashes of yellow. You look closer at this pearl; you realize it is the earth.

In your hands is the whole earth, as you float among the stars. You feel a warmth go through your body. You. The earth looks so small in your hands now. Your challenges, too. You realize you have become the master of your fate. No challenge that could ever come against you on this little earth could ever stop you.

As you walk back to the shore, the moon rises.  In your hand you still hold the earth. You put it into your pocket. It feels weightless. You are in control of your efforts on this earth. No force or entity could ever change that now, because you know the truth: that you hold the earth—you hold your fate—in your own hands.


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