Musings on the Nature of the Universe

The universe operates on laws. Using science and reason, humanity has been able to extrapolate and hypothesize the creation of the universe, it’s age, and how elements are made from solar explosions. These laws are predictable. Even in the quantum realm, where things become more difficult to determine, the laws are still predictable, and the universe still doesn’t break those laws. The universe is infinite, complex, and awe-inspiring in its vastness and beauty.

Hubble Mosaic of the Majestic Sombrero Galaxy
sombrero galaxy

Humanity is a part of this universe. We are made from its material, and we were made by its laws. Our existence is by definition no coincidence, because of the existence of universal laws of creation. Protons link with neutrons. Negatively charged electrons are attracted to positively charged nuclei. Gravity draws atoms together, and they link in such forms as hydrogen and gold. Elements react with one another to create chemicals. Chemicals interact to create DNA and RNA. In essence, the existence of life is evidence that life is a law of the universe, simply because life exists. If stars and planets forming are evidence of universal law, so then too is life an evidence of a universal law: the law of life.

Since we as a species have yet to discover life on other worlds, we cannot predict how likely life on other worlds is. There simply isn’t enough evidence to draw a conclusion like that. We don’t yet understand what causes or effects are needed to create life. So far we can determine this: life does exist, and it exists on Earth. Earth and our sun are roughly 4.5 billion years old. The Milky Way is 13 billion years old, and the universe is 14 billion years old. In all this elapsed time, only in the last 200,000 years do the first recorded reasoning creatures come into existence: homo sapiens.

Human Evolution (27)

This realization of laws and how we as a species fit into them is empowering. Whether or not we are the only instance of the law of life is irrelevant to this fact: we are an instance of it. We are life. What’s more, we are reasoning life. We are the only species known to us which actively attempts to understand the laws of the universe and record them. The universe gives us life, and we in turn observe the universe.

There is a sort of god-worship relationship therefore between man and the universe. It is inherent.  So long as we exist and observe the universe, we give it meaning.

We are unique beings in the universe, whether or not there are other sentient organisms in it. Regardless of if the law of life has occurred on other worlds, we have a duty to spread this life abroad, to propagate life as far as we can for this reason: we do not know if life exists outside of earth, and if it doesn’t, and we are its only instance, we have a duty to spread abroad into every stretch of the universe we can reach and introduce this miraculous law of life there also.



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